Truck washing

Tank cleaning

Save time

Simply integrate your wash stops in your drivers’ regular tours to avoid detours and overtime hours, thanks to easy booking in advance on our online platform.

Save money

A user-friendly online platform gives you an overview of your cleaning intervals to help you avoid unnecessary cleans and costs.

Feel secure

Cleaning certificates are clearly stated on each invoice and are accessible through your dashboard, plus you can download a comprehensive GMP registration report with one click.

Maximum control

Set preferred cleaning intervals in your dashboard and enjoy real-time insights. Administrators also receive an email when a service is used and weekly email reports.


On average, a truck driver leaves the motorway 4 times while looking for a parking space and then enters it again because there’s no free space available.

Organized parking helps to reduce the amount of entries and exits, which means less stress for your drivers, and lower fuel costs for you.

We connect vehicles and drivers with safe, available parking spaces across Europe.


Feel secure

Avoid parking situations on road lanes or in non-secured parking areas to minimize the risk of accidents and cargo theft.

Save time

Quickly find a parking spot out of a large number of truck-parking sites in Europe.

Maximum control

Easy and convenient payment for all of your truck parking bookings with your Shell Card.

Enjoy convenience

Quickly and conveniently enter and exit all of our parking lots.

You don‘t need any special tickets to get in and out.

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