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European countries with [1] toll payment solution

Shell’s European tolling solution is designed to make life and EETS simpler for you and your drivers

It’s convenient

Our solution is designed to simplify the processes that go with cross-border travel:

Collates all your toll payments in one place

Sends out one set of invoices in your own currency

Automatically pays refunds and discounts offered by individual toll operators

Manage all your on-the-road payments in one place

More control and peace of mind by making it simple to manage all

  • tolls;
  • fuels;
  • non-fuel expenses, such as parking, ferries and truck washes.
Current coverage

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Bulgaria

Growing in 2020
Hungary, Slovenia, and a pilot in Switzerland

Expansion in 2021
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the entire toll network in Poland

Local solutions
These countries do not yet offer an EETS solution, but you can use your Shell Card to link to a national toll payment solution through a local provider