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By helping prevent to the buildup of injector deposits Shell Diesel Extra can save fuel by up to 3%* over the lifetime of the engine.

Helps to prevent corrosion, reduce emissions, lower maintenance costs, increase power, and reduce the appearance of black smoke.

* Over the lifetime of the machine/vehicle. Savings may vary per machine/vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

The main benefits of using Shell Fuel

Maintains diesel engine performance in optimal mode

Shell FuleSave Fuel is specifically designed to protect the accumulation of carbon residues in the engine and injection value valves. As the engine grows older, fuel consumption may increase, degrade the emission quality and reduce engine power.

Protect your equipment investment

Shell Diesel Extra is specifically formulated with a powerful corrosion inhibitor designed to protect against the onset of corrosion. Helping to prevent corrosion in the engine and keeping it clean.

Faster filling due to less foaming

During filling time the fuel tends to foaming, which extends the filling time. Fuel is complemented by a component reducing foaming, which refills become faster and safer.

Reduce your company’s environmental impact

Reduce the appearance of black smoke by helping to lower equipment exhaust CO2 emissions and black smoke.