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What is AdBlue ®?

AdBlue ® is a liquid designed to reduce harmful pollution caused by exhaust gases in the atmosphere and to ensure that vehicles comply with the emission standards set in Europe.

Vehicles corresponding to Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission classes are using AdBlue ®

How does AdBlue work®?

AdBlue ® is stored in a separate tank on the truck and is sprayed in metered doses into the exhaust stream of the vehicle. AdBlue ® reacts with the exhaust gases from the engine and helps to convert oxides of nitrogen emissions into harmless gas and water vapour.

AdBlue ®/SCR technology lets you enjoy diesel engine performance without worrying about environmental impacts.

AdBlue® is available through our Shell’s extensive network by using your euroShell fuel card.

In addition to offering AdBlue® at pump, also available in 5 and 10 liter packs.


Important – AdBlue ® is no fuel additive!
AdBlue ® can only be stored into a separate AdBlue ® container. Nor should be mixed with other additives and diluted with water. If you have filled AdBlue ® in your fuel tank, please do not operate the engine but contact your nearest service or dealer.