As of 01.04.2018, the Republic of Slovenia will implement electronic tolling for vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes. New DarsGo system will replace current payment solutions (ABC OBU and DARS cards). Payments using any fleet card will not be possible anymore as well.

Shell is your partner on the road and makes you ready for such changes. It enables you to exclusive quick registration for post-pay option.


  • If you will register at DARS Go point, OBU device will be given to the customer after admin fee will be paid;
  • If you will register via web portal device coud be: send to address to customers in EU or picked up at DARS Go point. If send via post, admin fee must paid with one of the bank cards. If picked up at DARS Go point, admin fee must be paid at DARS Go poin.
  1. Where can I find DARS Go Points?  There are 7 DARS Go points alrady operational:





DarsGo Service Fernetiči

Mejni Prehod Fernetiči, Partizanska Cesta



DarsGo Service Grabonoš

Počivališče Grabonoš


Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici

DarsGo Service Gruškovje

Mejni Prehod Gruškovje



DarsGo Service Ljubljana

Grič 54



DarsGo Service Lopata

Počivališče Lopata



DarsGo Service Maribor

Počivališče Maribor, Dogoše, Na Polju



DarsGo Service Obrežje

Mejni Prehod Obrežje


Jesenice na Dolenjskem

List of DARS Go partners will be introduces when they will be technically ready to operate. It will be more than 120 points all over Slovenia.

  1. How much does a DARS Go device cost?

Customer will be charged administration fee of 10 € per OBU. The administration fee is not refundable, if the DARS Go is returned to the operator intact. In case of replacement, cost is 20 €.

  1. How is the new Road Tax calculated?

It is calculated as a fee per kilometer. The tariffs depend on:

– the vehicle emission class

– the vehicle category (from 3.5 t to 12 t and above 12 t)

Exact pricing hasn’t been confirmed by the government. Also pre pay rebates currently offered haven’t been confirmed to be valid after 1.4.2018

  1. How will payment of the road toll be controlled?

Payment will be controlled by the DARS controllers. Stationary (CCTV on each toll portal) and mobile control points will be in operation.

Watch Video – How the new Slovenian system will work!

  1. How can I pay for the Road Tax in Slovenia?

You can choose between the two modes of payment – pre-pay and post-pay

  1. What happens if a euroShell customer cancels the registration of the OBU or sends it back to DARS?

DARS Go can’t be send back. Customer needs to bring it to DARS Go point. In such case administration fee will not be reimbursed if customer paid via web portal. If customer picks up device and not pay the administration fee via web portal, device can be canceled at DARS Go point. In such case nothing will happen. Customer can return the OBU’s at any DARS Go points in Slovenia.

  1. Will I be able to reclaim VAT from Slovenian tolls?

Yes, the same way as currently. EuroShell invoice is VAT invoice. It will be used for VAT reimbursement.

More information is available on the DarsGo website –