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The new e-TOLL system is an innovative solution based on satellite technology and used to collect positioning data from vehicles, driving on roads subject to toll. The new e-toll system will replace the existing viaTOLL system and will enable the electronic toll collection on selected parts of the network of motorways, expressways, and national roads, managed by GDDKiA. The e-Toll system will be supervised by KAS Szef (the National Tax Administration).

Will the new e-TOLL system replace viaTOLL already in July?

The new satellite-based e-TOLL system for electronic toll collection will not replace the current microwave viaTOLL system at the beginning of July, as originally announced by Polish authorities. The Ministry of Finance recently suggested an amendment to relevant legislation (the updated Act on Toll Roads in Poland and the National Roads Fund), whereby the transition period from the current viaTOLL system to the new e-TOLL system will be extended by 3 months, such that both systems will function in parallel until September 30th 2021.

Which vehicles will be subject to toll in the new system?

All vehicles with a weight of 3,5 t and above, as well as buses, using the toll roads network, irrespective of their total weight, will be obliged to subscribe to the new e-TOLL system. Also, passenger cars with a trailer might be under the obligation to pay tolls in case the total weight exceeds 3,5 t. Vehicles, used in agriculture will be exempt from tolls.

What will be required from users of the new e-toll system?

Users will be required to register on the website of the new e-toll system (per authorities’ communication, the site etoll.gov.pl should be available in the first half of May); then, they will need to choose from one of the following options (until an EETS solution is in place): OBU (On Board Unit), ELD (External Localization Device), or the free e-TOLL mobile app.

How does the settlement in the new e-TOLL system look like?

Toll settlement will be based on the geolocalization data, which will be transferred by the users to the Electronic Toll Collection System, managed by the National Tax Administration.

Will I be able to settle tolls, using my Shell account, as I do currently with Viatoll?

Absolutely yes. Shell plans to offer the settlement, foreseen for Fleet Card Issuers. Settlement will be also possible through the Shell EETS solution, as soon as authorities enable the EETS Service in Poland.

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