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  • SLOVENIA – new toll road system DARS GO from 01.04.2018

From 01.04.2018 in Slovenia a new toll road system will work – DARS GO charging road device.  It will replace the existing one and the Dars cards and ABC stickers are no longer used. Toll road device for cars > 3.5 t.

Devices will be mandatory as they know, they won’t be able to change the A/m numbers. Notify you of registration as soon as the device can be linked to a Shell warranty, it is temporarily possible to register for pre-paid devices in the DARS GO system.



The Estonian government decided to introduce vignettes A/m > 3.5 t starting at 01.01.2018.

It is expected that the EuroShell card will be accepted for the payment of Estonian road payments starting from the end of January.


Starting with 01.01.2018, the Belgian toll road tax will also apply to A/M class in N1 BC.


  • SPAIN, Basque Country

The institutions have decided to supplement the length of the tolls by adding a road to the N-I (Irun) starting with the 01.01.2018. Cars will be tested at the entry and exit of this stage.

For cars equipped with a Axxes device (Fra + Bel + Port + Esp), a road payment will be registered automatically at the new toll path – a Axxes device – and no action is required.



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