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We would like to inform you that we have extended the area of operation of the InterRoutePlus device to the German Herrentunnel.

In addition, the InterRoutePlus device allows you to charge tolls in 4 countries:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • France.

Tolls in Herrentunnel using InterRoutePlus will be redeemable after an automatic update.


When it will be happened?

Latvia – 03.01/2019

Lithuania – 22/01/2019


How to activate the service?

The driver will receive a message on the display of both: Network update menu: Some networks have been activated.

In addition, the LED of the reader will change from green to blue.

The driver should stop and confirm the change by pressing the button to have the range on the Herrentunnel appeared on networks in the Devices menu.


If the activation is successful, the network will appear in the menu under the Networks tab. The driver will use the InterRoute Plus device to pay for Herrentunnel and the transactions appear on the EuroShell invoice.

This will reduce administrative costs, and the user, using automated gateways, can more efficiently drive through the tunnel.


Activation will not affect any of the other services.

Herrentunnel (Herren Tunnel) is located in the north of Germany, in the city of Lübeck. Herrentunnel is the direct route between Travemünde and Lübeck City Center with direct connections to the A1 and A226 motorways towards Kiel and Hamburg, as well as all other destinations north of Lübeck.