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In view of several violations of the LNG refuelling principles at Shell stations by some customers, we wish again to call your attention to the need of urgent and necessary thorough cleaning of connection before and after refuelling LNG vehicles and to getting acquainted with the LNG refuelling procedure.

Inadequate cleaning of the connections with compressed air may result in the connections between the hose nozzle and the vehicle tank not being hermetic.

Such leaks of LNG jest are detected by gas sensors and detectors at the station and for safety reasons the entire installation is switched off.

In order to re-start the station, a technician needs to arrive due to which a break in operation may last up to several hours.

The entire installation is switch off also in the following circumstances:

    •  as a result of incorrect handling of the device, seals or hoses are damaged and a gas leak occurs;
    • the emergency button is used – (ESD / NOT AUS), even when it is not justified.

The emergency button may be used solely in emergency situations and:

    • it is not intended to finish the normal refuelling process;
    • it may not be used as a help button when questions need to be asked concerning refuelling.
In case of problems, in order to obtain assistance, please use the intercom system by the card terminal.

The system will connect you to the operator.

We would further like to call your attention to two more safety regulations that we have noted violated several times.


    • The duty to wear protective clothing.
    • The ban to use mobile phones.
    • LNG refuelling procedure HERE



These safety regulations apply not only to people refuelling but also to onlookers within the radius of 5 metres.

We also encourage you to view our video tutorial with the refuelling procedure:

In case of regular negligence, we will have to charge the costs of non-operation and remedy to the perpetrator.