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BWVL wants to abolish cabotage regulations

The actions of the BWVL association also show that Germany may have difficulties in meeting its transport needs. On Tuesday, an appeal was made to the German government by the association calling for the suspension of the current cabotage regulation for 2 to 3 months. 

This would ensure that available foreign vehicles could continue to carry cargo and that drivers would not be quarantined during cross-border travel.

The current situation clearly shows how important transport is for the functioning of society and the whole economy. Western European countries, such as Germany, also see the great role played by carriers from Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries, which they have so far tried to fight with national and EU regulations, such as the Mobility Package. For years, German transport organizations have been talking about the need to reduce ‘systemic cabotage’, but in the face of the crisis, they want to liberate this type of operation completely. 

Let us hope that the current crisis will make the West realize how much it needs carriers and drivers from CEE. Quoted by Trans.info