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(Rollende Landstraße, trucks on trains)

Combining driver rest periods with trains and ferries services saves your business time and money, and also helps reduce CO2 emissions. Your euroShell card isn’t just for on-road travel, you can rely on euroShell card to book and pay for travel throughout Europe.
With access to a wide range of European ferry routes and ROLA (truck on train) services, and a single invoice for all costs, you can save your time and money too!
Ferry services

Your Card Partner Transcamionoffers the ability to book over 1 300 ferry routes (via the Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea and Mediterranean Sea) which are offered from 150 ferry operators across Europe.   How to book ferry services To book a ferry, please visit the site  www.transcamion.com With Transcamion you will get the option to receive a discount depending on the regularity of the ferry use, you’ll also be able to change the departure dates and times if necessary.   More information: www.transcamion.com

ROLA (trucks on trains)

The use of the united service ‘ Truck on trains ‘ offers to combine travel route by truck and train.

Main benefits of the use of ROLA-rail freight vehicles

  • Travel during a driver’s designated rest period;
  • Running cost savings, including fuel consumption, road taxes;
  • Freedom from truck transit restrictions;
  • Bypass traffic jams and avoid queuing at truck control sites;
  • Better planning of travel and delivery time.

How to book a ROLA service

Shell partner Rail Cargo Austria You are offered to book the ROLA service on the following routes:

  • Salzburg (AT) – Trieste (IT)
  • Wels (AT) – Maribor (Slovenia)
  • Wörgl (at) – Brenner (at)
  • Wörgl (AT) – Trento (IT)

For more information on the booking details, timetable and prices can be found at the following website: www.rola.at