euroShell Fuel Cards

VAT and Excise duty refund

Road solutions in Europe


The euroShell Fuel Card provides your business with a secure and efficient way to buy fuels and access a range of other great services. With over 50 years of fuel card expertise and one of the largest networks of stations in the world, a euroShell Fuel Card can give you greater control, convenience and security. At the same time, Shell offers you a customisable and secure payment method and individual customer service.

Shell Fuel

Shell Fuel with tailored price offer for every customer and individual customer service!

Toll roads, bridges, tunnels and ferry solutions

With euroShell Fuel Card it is possible to pay for toll roads (motorway, bridges, tunnels, ferries, etc.) in almost all European countries.

VAT refund

Shell offers fast and easy VAT and Excise duty refund procedure for your company’s fuel purchases across Europe

Shell Stations Network

More than 24 000 stations in 35 countries, including petrol stations specially designed to accommodate lorries in Europe’s most important freight routes.

Shell Card Online

A wonderful tool that not only helps you to manage your euroShell Fuel Cards but also enables you to manage fleet business expenses 24/7.

Available only for euroShell Fuel Card customers!

Shell Site Locator

Plan your routes, download maps and find Shell sites nearby with our Store locator so you never have to detour or take diversions again!


How to set restriction profile

How to set restriction profile

Video Tutorial on how to create a restriction profile. SET RESTRICTIONS AS: a purchase category - basic, essentials or extra; purchase restriction - fuel and non-fuel products that can be purchased; usage limits - usage by number of transactions, maximum spend or...

Information on refuelling at LNG Shell stations

Information on refuelling at LNG Shell stations

In view of several violations of the LNG refuelling principles at Shell stations by some customers, we wish again to call your attention to the need of urgent and necessary thorough cleaning of connection before and after refuelling LNG vehicles and to getting...